Data Citation and Reuse

How, where, and by whom is data used?

Although data is essential to research and discovery, and has—through efforts by the open science community—gained some importance in the scholarly communication process, the scientific reward system has not yet caught up by valuing the role of data in the digital era. Even if many funding agencies now require data sharing and detailed research data management plans, data collection, cleaning and curation are not yet considered valuable contributions to scientific advancement. The scientific reward system lags behind in recognizing open data practices, particularly with regards to tenure and promotion.

This project seeks to provide the basic research necessary to understand how data sets are viewed, used, cited and remixed. Providing empirical evidence on the role that data plays in the research process is essential to the development of appropriate and meaningful data metrics.


Stefanie Haustein (PI), Isabella Peters (Co-PI), Daniella Lowenberg, Felicity Tayler, Rodrigo Costas, Peter Kraker, Philippe Mongeon, Nicolas Robinson-Garcia