Asura Enkhbayar is a special arrangements PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Alperin. He is interested in critically exploring scholarly communication within a framework informed by contemporary philosophy of technology and mind. You can find more information about the progress of his PhD on this GitHub repository.

Following an undergraduate degree in electronics, Enkhbayar studied cognitive science. Although his personal research interests are increasingly moving away from the hard sciences and  toward the humanities and social sciences, he remains an avid coder. As a data scientist at the ScholCommLab, he wrestles with all kinds of APIs, plotting libraries, and malformed JSON in CSV tables.

In addition to his worldly duties as a student and data scientist, Enkhbayar contributes to Open Knowledge Maps. As part of this project (and a supporter of Open Science) he explores questions around data visualizations, human cognition and interfaces, and philosophy of science.

Finally, and most importantly, Asura played the main role of Yu in the martial arts short-film The Dojo Part II (watch the trailer on Vimeo). This should be on top of his CV. It really should.

You can find him on Twitter at @Bubblu_ and Github at Bubblbu.

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