David Moscrop launches ‘Too Dumb for Democracy?’

“The good news is, we’re not too dumb for democracy,” David Moscrop told a packed room of media, activists, book lovers, academics, and more. “The bad news is, we’re encouraged to be.”

On March 21, Moscrop celebrated the launch of his new book, Too Dumb for Democracy? (Goose Lane Editions, 2019). In this compact volume, he distills lessons from political science, psychology, and his own experiences as a political theorist to explore why we make such irrational political decisions—and how we can learn to make better ones. He also explains why, “in an era overshadowed by income inequality, environmental catastrophes, terrorism at home and abroad, and the decline of democracy….the political decision-making process has never been more important.” Improving the way we make decisions, he argues, may be our only hope for survival.

Moscrop has written about these issues before. His work has been featured in outlets such as Maclean’s, the Washington Post, and the National Post, and he is a frequent guest on CBC radio, among other programs.

But Moscrop does more than provide political commentary. He also conducts research on democratic deliberation, political decision making, and digital media—including a study on political pundits’ use of Twitter, which he is working on with the ScholCommLab.

We’re excited to congratulate Moscrop on this accomplishment, and can’t wait to see what he has planned next.

To find out more about Too Dumb for Democracy?, visit Goose Lane Editions’ website.