Preprints Uptake and Use Project

Exploring preprint adoption and impact in scientific research communities. 

Preprinting in the life sciences has grown rapidly in recent years but still represents a very small fraction (<3%) of the biomedical literature published each year. Existing data sources and monitors present indicators of growth in broad research areas and large regions. However, more localized and specific data is needed to support conversations about the productive use of preprints and to identify best practices in preprinting.

In this research project, the ScholCommLab and scientist-driven non-profit ASAPbio are teaming up to better understand the status of preprint adoption and impact in specific research communities. Lead by two of the lab’s visiting scholars, Mario Malički and Janina Sarol, the Preprints Uptake and Use project seeks to consolidate, analyze, and mapdata documenting the adoption of preprinting in specific communities. In doing so, it hopes to situate conversations about preprinting and best practices among researchers in their networks.

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