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Past Issues

January 9, 2024: OS debates and policies during the pandemic

November 9, 2023: Preprints, conference highlights, and more

May 23, 2023: Data reuse, making science public, and more

December 7, 2022: Article processing charges, preprints, and more

June 29, 2022: Metric literacies, job opening, and more

May 24, 2022: Wrapping up the review, promotion, and tenure project

May 4, 2021: Tenure and promotion, preprints, and more

October 6, 2020: Vanishing journals, a new book, and more

May 5, 2020: Two new grants, two exciting new projects

March 13, 2020: RPT Update, Innovation Leaders, and More

November 28, 2019: Highlights from OpenConUN, CSPC, PKP, and More

August 13, 2019: On Open Access, Tenure, Preprints, and More

April 16, 2019: Now Available: Results from the Journal Impact Factor Study

November 19, 2018: Now Available: Results from the Review, Promotion, and Tenure Study

August 17, 2018: Announcing Our Visiting Scholar Program

June 11, 2018: RPT Project Updates + More