Public Knowledge Project

Strategic Planning for PKP

Juan Pablo Alperin
A collaboration with BlueSky to BluePrint, LLC

Since it was first created in 1998, the Public Knowledge Project’s Open Journal Systems (OJS) has established itself as the most popular platform for publishing, communicating, and sharing Open Access research. But with more and more scholars choosing to publish their work accessibly, OJS’s user base is growing—bringing new challenges and needs to the table.

In the current study, we are investigating how PKP can adapt its organizational structure, software platforms, and services to continue to support and grow this large community of open access publishers in the best ways possible. To do so, we are collaborating with BlueSky to BluePrint, LLC, a firm specializing in supporting libraries, publishers, scholars, and societies in developing business strategy for their organizations and innovative initiatives, to conduct a large-scale strategic review and community consultation process. Through this critical analysis of the current system and available services, we aim to guide PKP towards the changes necessary to support OA—today, and well into the future.