Three questions with…Leigh-Ann!

Our lab is growing! In our Three Questions series, we’re profiling each of our members and the amazing work they’re doing.

Today, we’re highlighting Leigh-Ann Butler, a master’s student at the University of Ottawa’s School of Information Studies, a Policy Analyst at the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), and a research assistant at the ScholCommLab.

In this post, Leigh-Ann tells us more about her research on open access publishing, her forays into scholarly podcasting, and more. 

Leigh-Ann at Lac de l’Orignal, Val-des-bois, Québec.

Q#1 What are you working on at the lab? 

Currently, I am working with Stefanie Haustein, Philip Mongeon, Lisa Matthias, and Marc-Andre Simard on a study that examines the cost of Open Access publishing and the revenues these costs generate for scholarly publishers. More specifically, we are examining the amount of article processing charges (APCs) paid by the research community for publishing in gold and hybrid journals. This study will tie in to my master’s thesis, where I will examine the amount of APCs paid by Canadian funded researchers for OA (gold and hybrid) publications. I’m really excited by my research topic. I think it’s valuable to examine how much of our public tax dollars (through federal grants) essentially flow into the OA revenue stream.

“I think it’s valuable to examine how much of our public tax dollars (through federal grants) essentially flow into the OA revenue stream.”

Leigh-Ann Butler

Q#2 Tell us about a recent paper, presentation, or project you’re proud of. 

My experiences are limited at this point, since I’m really just starting my journey with my master’s thesis. There were several projects I was proud of during my Masters of Information Studies program, including a podcast I created with Lina Harper, another SCL member, for Stefanie’s Information Literacy course. We interviewed librarians to discuss the Association of College & Research Libraries’ framework for information literacy. The University of Ottawa has a podcast studio, and it was a lot of fun to chat with the librarians in that setting. Everyone really enjoyed the experience.

Screenshot of the soundcloud page for Leigh-Ann Butler and Lina Harper's Searching for Information Literacy podcast.
Check out Leigh-Ann and Lina’s Searching for Information Literacy podcast on Soundcloud.

Stay tuned, though: I hope to have my thesis done by summer (fingers crossed), and I’m excited to fill you in on what I discover! 

Q#3 What’s the best (or worst) piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

 The best advice came from my mom who, like me, completed a thesis later in her career. Unlike me, she was also battling cancer during that time. I’ve asked how she got through her degree during her illness and she told me her education reminded her of what was to come post-illness, and that it was only a matter of time until she reached that goal. I just appreciate her mindset—that time and determination will lead you to your goals if you continue to keep them in focus.

Find Leigh-Ann on Twitter at @Lkbutler16.