Dr. Fereshteh Didegah is a lecturer at iSchool, University of British Columbia, where she teaches and develops courses in Scholarly Communications and Research Data Management. She is also a research associate at the Scholarly Communication Lab, Simon Fraser University, where she collaborated in a SSHRC-funded project on understanding the societal impact of research through social media. She completed her PhD in 2014 at the School of Mathematics and Computing, University of Wolverhampton, UK. In her PhD thesis, Fereshteh applied a new advanced statistical test to model factors that help authors to publish high impact articles.

Her research interests include social media metrics (altmetrics), public engagement in science, and open science. More specifically, she is interested in research approaches that employ big data, innovative methodologies, new statistical procedures, and visualization tools. In her research, Fereshteh wants to focus on topics that are of interdisciplinary nature, and that are of paramount importance to science and research policy makers.

A full list of her publications and presentations can be found here, and she can be found on Twitter at @fereshteh108.

Select Publications

Didegah, A., Didegah, F., & Dehdarirad, T. (2019, September 2). Social media visibility of open access versus non-open access articles: A case study of Life Sciences & Biomedicine. ISSI Conference, Rome, Italy.
Didegah, F., Ghaseminik, Z., & Alperin, J. P. (2018). Using a diabetes discussion forum and Wikipedia to detect the alignment of public interests and the research literature. BioRxiv. https://doi.org/10.1101/496927
Didegah, F., & Thelwall, M. (2018). Co-saved, co-tweeted, and co-cited networks. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 69(8). https://doi.org/10.1002/asi.24028