Maddie Hare, member of the Scholarly Communications Lab, smiles into the camera

Maddie Hare (she/her/elle) is a doctoral student in the Digital Transformation and Innovation (DTI) Program at the University of Ottawa, under the supervision of Dr. Stefanie Haustein. Her research interests are all rooted in the same curiosity and desire to understand human beings, and the ways in which we produce, disseminate, and advance knowledge.

Maddie studied at Dalhousie University, where she completed her Bachelor and Master of Arts in History, and Master of Information at the School of Information Management with a certificate in Archives. Her research at the ScholCommLab aims to support scholars in developing “Metrics Literacies“—an integrated set of competencies, dispositions, and knowledge that empowers individuals to recognize, interpret, critically assess, and effectively and ethically use scholarly metrics.

Maddie seeks to use bibliometrics to illuminate the dynamics and evolution of scholarly communities, and the global scientific research system more broadly. She is intrigued by ongoing developments in Open Science and scholarly publishing. Maddie combines these topics with her interest in the processes of learning and teaching in higher education, and the importance of fostering multiple types of literacies in researchers. She believes in bridging disciplinary divides to develop innovative approaches to real-world challenges.

Find her on Twitter @madelainehare.