Sarah Lawrance smiles into the camera.

Sarah Lawrance (they/them) is a graduate student in the Master of Information Studies (MIS) program at the University of Ottawa (UOttawa) and a Research Assistant on the Meaningful Data Counts project at the ScholCommLab. Their current research interests include accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion; the use of metadata to improve library collection accessibility; and public library services for aging populations and people with disabilities.

Sarah is on educational leave from the Ottawa Public Library, where they work in the Homebound Services department providing library services and materials to Ottawa residents who are unable to visit the library due to age, illness, or disability.

Sarah holds a Joint Honours Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Sociology and a Master’s degree in Sociology with a specialization in Women’s Studies, both from UOttawa, where they researched the prefigurative politics and practices of feminist and queer pornography.